Converge: all we love, we leave behind

The video above is the new single by Converge, called Aimless arrow. The video is directed by Max Moore and fits the song very well. Aimless arrow is also the first song on Converge’s new album called: all we love, we leave behind.

In my opinion all we love, we leave behind is Converge’s best album since their classic jane doe from 2001. The record is dark, moody, melancholic while still being aggressive and very brutal. A combination tried by lots of bands, but very few are able to pull it of. This record will most likely be in my records of the year 2012 list.

for more info about Converge check Wikipedia or their website.

I also found this complete streaming of all we love, we leave behind

song list:

1. Aimless Arrow – 0:00
2. Trespasses – 2:23
3. Tender Abuse – 5:07
4. Sadness Comes Home – 6:32
5. Empty On The Inside – 9:44
6. Sparrow’s Fall – 12:14
7. Glacial Pace – 13:41
8. No Light Escapes – 18:08
9. Vicious Muse – 18:59
10. Veins And Veils – 20:51
11. Coral Blue – 23:24
12. Shame In The Way – 28:12
13. On My Shield – 30:09
14. Precipice – 34:23
15. All We Love We Leave Behind – 36:11
16. Runaway – 40:18
17. Predatory Glow – 42:21


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