Frame of mind: Weight of two


The first time I heard about Frame of mind was when a link to their demo was posted on my Facebook wall. I listened to it and bookmarked it. In the period between then and now I went back several times to give the demo a listen and check if new music did appear.

So I saw the songs for their new 7″ appear and a while later I also saw that the actual vinyl would be released at a gig in London. Luckily for me I had to be in London for work that week, so I was able to attend.

In preparation I also listened to all the songs on their bandcamp again. And again I was impressed by them. After their live show I was convinced that Frame of mind is probably one of the best current hardcore bands worldwide.

The songwriting, the vocal style, the performance and the energy make this band into one you’ll have to check. If I would have to compare them I would mention bands like Burn, Absolution and even a bit of later Bad Brains. So give this record a listen, and if they play somewhere near you, make sure to be there

Weight of two

the Essence store





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