Shaarimoth: Temple of the adversarial fire

Shaarimoth is a band that walks the fine line between Death metal and black metal. Based on which song of this record you’re listening this could be blackened death (The hungry omega) or brutal black(Faceless Queen of bloodstained dreams) metal. But the actual metal sub-genre or even the genre matters less and less among these dark and sinister sounding bands.  There seem to be a trend to go for mood and atmosphere primarily, genre and style secondary.

I’ve read some reviews were this was compared to Behemoth, and I can understand that. But I would place this among these newer dark sounding death metal bands like Blood Incantation and Chthe’ilist. Definitely a band to check if any of the aforementioned are you’re cup of tea.

Bandcamp of this album

Shaarimoth’s Facebook

WTC productions


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