Benighted: Necrobreed

A new Benighted record always has me sitting up and taking notice. I discovered Benighted with their break through record Asylum cave. In the meantime they also released Carnivore sublime. Since then they replaced their rhythm section so I was a bit worried for the release of their new record.

But right into my first listening session of Necrobreed, my worries where taken away.  Benighted has not lost any of their strong points. They still play fast, ultra brutal death grind with very intense vocals. I heard them being compared to Aborted and Cattle decapitation.  I must admit that Benighted is somewhere in between these bands. They have the same brutality as Aborted, but they don’t sound that clinical and lean a bit more to the grind side of things. They are also a  grind band that writes quite good and catchy (for grind standards off course, it never becomes poppy) songs just like Cattle decapitation, but they are never as experimental.

Benighted’s Facebook

seasons of mist


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