Incarceration: Catharsis


A few weeks ago I was in London for my work. So one of the rainy, cold evenings after work I decided to stay in my hotel, read a bit and listen to the old school death metal playlist on Spotify. At a certain point there was a song by a for me unknown band that really caught my attention. That band was Incarceration.

Since I discovered this band in a playlist  dedicated to old school death metal it comes as no surprise that Incarceration actually play that style. And I have to admit that they sound very old school. Their sound reminds me of the early death metal bands like Autopsy and Incantation. A big advantage for this band is that they have a vocalist who is able to sound aggressive and insane at the same time, not unlike Martin van Duren of Pestilence and bolt thrower fame.

Incarceration on Facebook

FDA records





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