Stimulant: Stimulant


Grind and powerviolence are two genres that I like but have far to less knowledge off. I always feel that for some reason,I have no overview of things happening in that scene. Another issue is that I don’t care about all the funny grind bands. I have no desire to listen to intentionally bad music about porn and sex with goats.

But from time to time (and I noticed it became more and more frequent in the last years) I go on a search on the internet for  good new grind and powerviolence bands. That is the way I discovered Stimulant a few days ago, and they have been on constant rotation here.

They are a new powerviolence band by ex members of Water torture (a band that I did discover approximately 30 minutes before I discovered Stimulant, but you should still check them out. )

On their first record, Stimulant brings us 21 tracks and most of them are furious, powerviolence/ fast hardcore with brutal slow parts songs. The other tracks are noisy intermezzo’s. Especially the songs Massive strike and Punishment are very efficient in getting you totally psyched.

Stimulant on Facebook

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