Grandaddy: last place

About 11 years after there last record, Grandaddy brings us a new record. I have to admit that I lost sight of the band after their first two records. Back then Grandaddy was hailed as that indie band where all members had beards. I think that in these early days the beards were even more important then the music. Luckily for them, they managed to write some very good songs, and thus establish themselves as more then a gimmick band. (I’m also not sure that they actually ever were that, Mainstream press just needed a gimmick to talk about them).

On this new record there are not really any surprises. Grandaddy delivers 11 songs where the analog synths and fuzzy guitars fight for dominance. All these songs still have that melancholy and pastoral feel that made Grandaddy such a great band to start with.

For some reason I like them best in their epic, longer songs, so it comes as no surpise that A lost machine is my favorite song from this record.

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