Locust leaves: A subtler kind of light

For a blog that tries to lengthen the content on here with some video’s and photos, Locust leaves is a hard band. An extensive search of the internet  gave me a few of their record covers, and some video’s for songs, not on this release.

So this time around, all I can give you to look at is the album cover. Granted, it is quite a nice album cover. Musically this Greek bands brings us 4 tracks that mix Death metal, black metal, post metal, prog metal, doom metal together with some more obscure influences. Somehow they mix all these influences but don’t have their songs sounding like bunch of parts thrown together. They explore all these genres but the flow still feels very natural.

The vocals range from nicely sung in a haunting way, over whispers to a deep growl.  The production gives this record a very organic feel, as if you’re listening to a live recording.

Although the technical level on here is quite high, Locust leaves makes sure that the feel they want to convey in their music is more important than showing off their technical skills.

This is a record you need to give a listen to.

I, voidhanger records on Facebook

The official website of Locust leave


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