Fell ruin: To the concrete drifts

Last week I posted a review about Locust leaves because had just discovered them in a Facebook post. By checking them out I arrived at the I, voidhanger records bandcamp page. The cover of another record also intrigued me, so I decided to give that one a listen as well. That record was To the concrete drifts by Fell ruin.

They deliver 4 quite long songs and an intro on this record.  The music drifts between doom metal and black metal. That mixture is something we did hear before, but the way Fell ruin pulls this off is quite impressive.

They have a very organic sounding production with enough space for the bass and natural sounding drums. This gives this record a very authentic feel. It also helps that these instruments are actually doing interesting things. In some way a band like The flight of Sleipnir came to mind when listening to this.

My recommendation to you would be to give this record at least a listen and I hope you will be as hooked as I am. I will also keep on exploring the I, voidhanger catalog since if their last two releases are this interesting, there must be more hidden gems in there.

Listen to this record here.

And find Fell ruin on Facebook here.




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