Ecostrike: Time is now

If you were around in the nineties Straight Edge scene the live show at the beginning of this article will look very familiar. But if you take a closer look at the date you’ll see that this is not even three months old.

All this just to prove that Ecostrike is a band that wants to relive the days when metal core was just starting and when Vegan Straight Edge was a label that made a band instantly more popular. There seems to be a lot of newer bands that want to bring back life to the 90’s hardcore style. I have to admit that I don’t really care for most of them. I want my SXE hardcore to be nostalgic for the 80’s.

But now and then one of these so called revival bands pop up and bring a big smile to my face. Ecostrike is one of them. They manage to perfectly capture the sound and feel of the first 2 Earth crisis 7″s.  They don’t do anything new but they somehow manage to hit all the right buttons that the original 90’s bands pushed. And lyrics like:”Straight edge until the day I die” also earns you points off course.

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