Supergenius: Supertired

Supergenius is a band consisting of several Belgian hardcore veterans. All their other (ex) bands will help them getting noticed but actually which bands these are is not relevant. Supergenius proves with their first full length that they are more than capable to turn heads on their own merrits.

On Supertired they deliver 10 beautiful songs in the style we called emo in the 90’s. I think nowadays this would be labeled under powerpop. What this boils down to is that there are 10 popsongs with a punkrock edge to them.  They draw influences from all the 90’s revelation records rock records from bands like Farside, Texas is the reason, Gameface, etc… The band that sprung to my mind first was Piebald because of the singing style and voice. This is a definite plus in my book since Piebald was one of my favorite bands in that style.

I think that Supergenius delivered the record for this summer with Supertired. This is the excellent soundtrack to lounging and hanging around in nice weather.

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