Ophiuchi: Bifurcaria Bifurcata

Ophiuchi is the artist name for a south African multi instrumentalist. He found inspiration for his name in the binary star system 70 Ophiuchi. His first record is called Bifurcaria bifurcata which is the scientific name of a sort of brownish algae living in tide pools along the European and North american coast line. Based on all this information it comes at no surprise that Bifurcaria Bifurcata the record is quite a piece of art.

In 4 quite long songs Ophiuchi takes us on a journey through post rock, post metal, black metal, soundscapes and more. The purpose of the record seems to be to evoke a certain mood and sphere. If you listen to this record with your eyes closed you almost see images of alien worlds, whether it is deep under the sea or in another dimension.

One very noteworthy aspect of this record is the great bass sound. This sort of deep, resonating, yet very crunchy bass sound is something you normally hear in grind bands, not in atmospheric post rock black metal bands.

Make sure to check his website out, because that also shows the same mixture of cleverness and humor.



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