Lich king: The omniclasm

Prepare yourself for a sad story today. Despite that The omniclasm is Lich king’s 6th record, until a few weeks ago I never had heard of this band. But some friends were quite enthusiastic about this release so I decided to check it out. I immediately understood where all the enthusiastic reactions are coming from.

The omniclasm delivers us 10 thrash metal songs with a heavy old school hardcore influence. Where most thrash revival bands do their best to mimic Testament and Exodus, Lich king draws also a lot of influences from bands like Nuclear assault and Excel. Of all the newer thrash bands I would place them somewhere close to Municipal waste because they have the same kind of frantic energy. I guess Lich king is quite a nice band to see live.

And I’m sorry that all I can do is guess they are good live band. A week ago, I had to take a very early train to visit a client in London. On the train I was checking my Facebook and I noticed that Lich king had  the night before played a show in a very small pub in the town I live in.  And I had been completely oblivious of that fact. So I will have to wait for the next tour to catch them live. I hope that, based of the strength of this album, they sell out a bigger venue then.

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