Dodecahedron: Kwintessens

It seems that in the Netherlands they have quite a good and diverse black metal scene. Good innovative black metallish records keep popping up from that country. I don’t really know what is the cause of that, or see an actual reason but since I like good records I won’t complain.

Kwintessens (through bodies measureless to man) from Dodecahedron is such a record, on which you will find 41 minutes of very intense, interesting but very technical music. Dodecahedron draw heavily from black metal and post rock and serve that blend in very odd song structures. The idea behind these songs, the structures and the overall sound seems to be to convey a feeling of unease and alienation. Sound wise and songwriting wise they bring Deathspell omega and Ulcercate to mind. Emotion wise they remind me of the Teethed glory and injury record by Altar of plagues. Both that record and this record captures the feeling of walking around at night by yourself in a big city that you are not really familiar with. That mixture of wonder and dread or like they say it themselves: An ill defined air of otherness.

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