Gorephilia: Severed Monolith

Gorephilia is a death metal band from Finland and Severed Monolith is their second full length album. This is released by Dark descent records and that label has the reputation to release great death metal records. And they did so again this time.

The death metal variant that Severed Monolith delivers to us is heavily influenced by Morbid Angel and to a lesser extend Immolation. The Morbid Angel part is immediately clear since Gorephilia also writes fast songs with lots of well executed blast beats over good riffs. But in some parts the riffs and songwriting is slightly darker and there Immolation comes to mind. I also have to admit that the last song Crushed under the weight of god brought the Nile epics to mind, without the Egyptian and Arabian influences of course.

Gorephilia on Facebook

Dark descent records on Facebook


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