Life of agony: A place where there is no more pain

Life of agony are back with a new record. In my opinion they made two great records in the first half of the 90’s (River runs red and Ugly) and then they lost their way. Between then and now they did release 2 more albums, that I mostly ignored, split up and reformed several times, even tried out a different singer. The biggest and also most widely talked about change is the sex change of their singer.

On to this new album then. I must admit that the first thought that entered my head was: Life of Agony are back. On this record they seem to have found the balance between all their diverse influences again. This record has the  groove, the emotion and the songwriting from their first records again, while adding some modern stoner rock influences here and there. Also Caputo’s vocal performance is better then ever.  The great songwriting, the new influences and Caputo’s voice brings Alice in chains to mind.

I must conclude that this is a great record, and welcome back to Life of Agony.

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