Higher power: Soul structure

I must have said this here before but what a great hardcore scene does the UK have these days. That country keeps on producing one great hardcore record after the other. The latest release in that line is Soul structure by Higher power.

I’m aware of this band for quite some time now. I did buy their previous 7″ record but still they surprise me with Soul structure. Higher power play groovy NYHC with melodic vocals and some grunge/ rock influences. I presume they got their name from the Subzero song, and you can hear the ghost of that band in here. Other bands that come to mind are Maximum penalty and even early Life of Agony.

The thing that makes Soul structure such a stand out album is that all the songs are well written, very catchy but you can still imagine moshing very hard to them. The whole thing also has a very nice sound. Here again it brings Happiness without peace by Subzero to mind. And I think getting compared to one of, if not the, best NYHC records ever is high praise.

I think that this band has everything to become quite big.

Higher Power on Facebook

Flatspot records on Facebook


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