Succumb: Succumb

This is a fascinating but very hard to describe record. Succumb is a band from the bay area, California and I think they would be cataloged in the Death metal genre. But they are so much more than that.

The death metal they play includes traces of black metal, grind, doom, sludge etc… Also the production and the song writing makes this an odd death metal album. Everything here sounds very organic and the level of song writing and musician ship is very high while Succumb can not be placed in the tech death corner. For that the songs have to much breathing space. It seems that the goal here is to evoke emotion more than to bludgeon you to death with brutality or technical prowess. (Not that there is anything wrong with that off course)

Another thing that makes Succumb stand out even more is the vocal style. Where most bands with a similar style would include mostly grunts, the vocalist of Succumb opts for an anarcho punk rock style influenced singing style. And the wonderful part is that this fits the music perfectly.

Succumb is a band that is pushing against the boundaries of death metal.

Succumb on Facebook

The Flenser on Facebook



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