Avatarium: Hurricanes and halos

I remember the first time I heard Avatarium. They had just released their EP Moonhorse and since some members where well know because of their involvement in other legendary bands from the Swedish scene, I decided to give them a shot. I was greeted with a few songs of high quality classic doom metal with a very good female singer. Since then I kept an eye on this band and enjoyed the records they made.

Since then Avatarium have incorporated more diverse influences in their sound and they continue that trend on Hurricanes and halos. The whole record has still a doom metal feel to it, but there are also lots of influences from 70’s (prog) rock. Since the last album they even replaced their keyboard player for an organ player, which of course pushes their sound even more in that direction.  On a song like Road to Jerusalem they even drop most metal and create a straight up psychedelic 70’s rock song.

There are more bands with a doom background that are currently moving into the 70’s psychedelia direction, but what most of them lack is a fantastic singer like Avatarium has.  And I have the feeling that her performance here is better than ever. Just listen to the choruses in the song Medusa child.

Avatarium on Facebook

Nuclear blast on Facebook


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