Charly Bliss: Guppy

This band makes me feel happy and old at the same time. Charly Bliss is a quite recent band from the new york area and they play nineties influenced powerpop. They sound like they would feel right at home on the soundtrack of these 90’s high school, college movies like 10 things I hate about you, Loser, etc…  Meaning they have an optimistic sounding pop sound with some hard guitars now and then, topped with a sweet voice. Think bands like Wheatus, Elastica,  Belly, etc…

This sound was a big part of my youth and I’m happy that there are bands that are reviving this style. On the other hand if the music of your youth is old enough so new bands start taking it as inspiration, it means that you are officially an old man.

On Guppy there are 10 songs and they are all catchy and potential singles but I have to admit that my favorite song on this album is Glitter.

Charly Bliss on Facebook

Barsuk Records on Facebook


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