Excommunion: Thronosis

Thronosis is the second album of Excommunion, and the reason why this is a strange fact is that the band was founded in 1998. Their previous album dated from 2002 apparently and in the 15 years between that album and this only a split with Dethroned has been released. But don’t think that the two members that make up Excommunion have been sitting idly around all that time. They are or were also active in bands like Nightbringer, Bestia Arcana and Dethroned.

I have to admit that I’m among the few people that are not super enthusiastic about the latest Nightbringer record. Off course the record has some great dark and depressing sounding riffs, but the songs also lack some coherency. Excommunion suffers from the same fate, great interesting riffs that manage to convey a dark, sinister feeling but I still have the feeling that the riffs are more important than the whole song. Luckily for them Death metal is a genre that leans itself more to that kind of songwriting than black metal.

So I have to conclude that on this record there are 4 intense, slightly blackend, filled with memorable moments Death metal songs. Bands that come to mind are off course Morbid Angel and Nile (minus all the Egyptian stuff), but with a bit more black metal influences in the riffs and the general atmosphere. Dark descent records delivers us a great death metal record again.

Thronosis on Bandcamp

Excommunion on Facebook

Dark descent records on Facebook


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