Whoredom rife: Dommedagskvad

Whoredom Rife is quite a new band from Trondheim, Norway. After an EP last year, Dommedagskvad is their debut album.

The record offers 6 black metal songs and an intro. Unlike a lot of black metal bands these days, Whoredom rife does not use genre alien elements in their music. What you get here is pure black metal. So you get fast drumming, melodic yet epic sounding riffs, screams that are buried deep inside the music and a very dry, cold sound. References would be old Keep of kalessin or old Satyricon.

You’re conclusion after reading this, could be that there is nothing new under the sun on Dommedagskvad and you would not be wrong. But it also has been a while since a band performed this style in such a pleasing and attention grabbing way.

Whoredom rife on Facebook

Terratur Possessions on the Web. 


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