Gloom influx: first Lp

This is quite a strange record for me to talk about. The record cover caught my eye on the internet and through that I learned about the existence of something called synthwave. I have to admit that I had never heard of this before this record. So as you can guess I’m totally out of my comfort zone right now.

What I hear is a mixture of 80’s synth pop, 80’s soundtracks and video scores and some 70’s prog rock. Upon some internet investigation I discovered that a tv show like Stranger things (which I like) has quite some synthwave influenced music on the soundtrack. So I must have unconsciously heard this style before.

On to this record then. The first LP of Gloom influx has 8 songs that to me would be the perfect soundtrack for a TV show where Miami vice is mixed with the awakening of a lovecraftian monster. Check it out, no matter what your usually preferred music genre is.

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