Dying Fetus: Wrong one to fuck with

I have a strange relationship with Dying Fetus. I’ve seen them live on several occasions and every time I’m blown away by their tightness and overall live performance. But when I tried to listen to the albums after that, I could not make it to the end. The records were to dense for my taste.

I read some good comments on their new album and thus decided to give them another change on record. And the funny thing is that I really like this album. I see two possible reasons. My taste has changed a bit over the years, making it easier for me to digest a very extreme album. Or Dying Fetus released a very good, thought out album. My guess is that the truth is somewhere in the middle.

The first thing I noticed is that the production on this record is a bit more open then on the other records I listened to. And because of the complexity and the brutality of the music that is a good thing. I can clearly hear the special things all the instruments do. Dying fetus cares more about good riffs, sudden and strange transitions and brutality then they care about mood setting and songwriting, but on this record somehow the collection of parts that make up their songs really work. They manage to capture your interest and keep it throughout the whole record.

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