Trevor Sensor: Andy Warhol’s dream


The first time I encountered Trevor Sensor was when the song Pacing the cage was playing in an Americana playlist of Spotify. I immediately loved that song and the gruff singing voice of Trevor Sensor. Based on the songwriting and the voice I was expecting some grizzly old veteran musician that I had somehow never heard about. It turns out that he is a very young musician and that song was a song out of his first EP. Since then there were a few other songs released, all of them of the same high quality.

This all leads up to his first full length for which the expectations were quite high. And I have to admit that Andy warhol’s dream does deliver. There are 11 good songs on here, that musically start from well written folk songs but include so much more. In a song like High Beams, 80’s radio rock echoes through for example.  And in a song like Sedgwick some noisy guitars and punky rhythm is added for an almost shoegaze, new wave experience.

Every songs has an identity of it’s own on this record, though what they all have in common is that they manage to touch and move you in some way. Both the songwriting, the lyrics and his amazing voice make this a great album.

Trevor Sensor on Facebook

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