Municipal waste: Slime and punishment

I enjoyed several records and live shows by Municipal waste over the years. So needless to say that I was quite happy when they released a new record. Slime and punishment is their 6th album in about 16 years or so. On all these albums they deliver fast, highly energetic crossover songs. And  this new album, is no different. You can still compare Municipal waste  with the same bands that you could compare them with when they started. Nuclear assault, DRI, etc…

But in the meantime Municipal waste have become a name to compare other bands to. Where a lot of newer thrash metal bands are not able to create the same rebellious and fun feel that these classic records have, Municipal waste are masters in this. And on Slime and punishment they did not lose their touch. They deliver 14 bangers that range in length between 46 seconds and 2 minutes 50 and that will get you going for sure.

Their older records might have been a bit more punk,  the songs on Slime and punishment are welcome additions to their catalog and their live set.

Municipal waste on Facebook

Nuclear blast records on Facebook



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