Loss: Horizonless

Funeral doom can be a though genre to listen complete albums from. The long slow depressing songs can result in quite a monotonous album. Loss manages to avoid that pitfall on Horizonless , where they deliver 9 songs but 4 of them are shorter and are more interludes or pallet cleansers that makes the longer songs and the whole album more digestible.

These long songs on here are also very well constructed. The main goal of the song writing here is to evoke a feeling of loss (hence the band name), despair and even mourning. To reach that goal Loss gives everything they got. They incorporate acoustic parts, slow doom parts, death metal and even black metal influences with some haunting melodies. Even the singing ranges from death grunts, over haunted screams  and whispers to actual singing. The thing is that even though Loss draws inspiration from all sorts of dark and depressing music, the whole album sounds very consistent. And with that I mean that all 9 of these songs together create a very strong record.


Profound lore records


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