Bloodclot: Up in arms

Bloodclot is a band with quite some history. The first incarnation of this band was a short lived project of all the Bad Brains roadies back in the day. The reason why the band name stuck around was because John Joseph became the singer of the Cromags later on.

Now bloodclot has arisen again and this time with a killer line up. The drummer is Joey Castillo, well known from Queens of the stone age and Danzig. The position on bass is filled in by Nick Oliveri. Vocals off course are done by John Joseph and we all know he can deliver some great hardcore vocals. But the things that got me convinced most about this is that they have Todd Youth on guitar. In press texts they will mention that he is an ex member of Danzig. But we all know that his hardcore credentials come from Warzone and Murphy’s law.

What have these old men cooked up on Up in arms. 12 highly energetic songs that take you back to an earlier day of NYHC. You can hear that these men grew up on Bad brains, Discharge and Negative Approach. You can also clearly hear echoes of JJ’s and Todd’s previous bands.  Another very positive point of this record is that it sounds angry and hard without sounding beatdown or tuff guy hardcore at all. A great record if you like 80’s style NYHC.


Metal Blade



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