Winds of Leng: Horrid dominion

Winds of Leng got their name from a Lovecraft short story and thus betray a love for the horrific, the wondrous and the macabre. This can also be heard in the music on Horrid dominion. In their bio they describe themselves as blackened death metal and that description is technically correct. What I mostly hear is fast death metal with some melodic black metal riffs and some black metal influences in the vocals. The intensity and the speed bring Vital remains to my mind.  Winds of Leng have the same constant brutality and speed while managing to keep the listeners attention.

One of the descriptions that I read about them and that I found has a ring of true in it was: This is a near perfect example of how to mix the old and the new (but not the nu-) in a way that brings out the absolute best of both worlds. Highly recommended.

Winds of Leng



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