Abhorrent Decimation: The pardoner

I was quite impressed with Miasmic Mutation by Abhorrent decimation. Based on the strength of that album they got signed to prosthetic records and that label now releases their second full length called The pardoner.

First I have to say that I like the artwork of this record way more then the artwork of their previous record. Musically they continue where they left off with Miasmic Mutation. In 50 minutes they bring 10  modern sounding, quite technical death metal songs to the table.

Because of the lyrical inspiration they used, (the pardoner from the Canterbury tales) they added some more symphonic and atmospheric parts this time.  Some of the longer songs on this record (votive offerings, The pardoner) consist for a big part of Gothic sounding piano parts. What they did not do though was just add soundscapes in between the songs. The melodic, instrumental parts are always integrated into actual songs. If you want to listen to the whole record, you can do that here.

Abhorrent Decimation
Prosthetic records


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