Welcome to the “look this way” blog. On this blog I will write short reviews of bands and albums I think you should at least check out.In the past I would write these things on my Facebook, but from now on I’m choosing for a more structured approach.

Let me tell you a bit more about myself.

My name is Peter. First and foremost I’m a father. Besides that keywords in my live would be Straight edge, music, comics, Science fiction, fantasy, tabletop RPG’s, running, tv shows and reading.

My reading can be followed on my Goodreads profile

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  1. Hey Pete, I am 53 years old, sxe, recovery, your blog kills, and our taste in music is exactly the same. I dig this shit that you are down with alot of bm, and also like country stuff etc etc.

    Seriously man, I don’t know anyone or anybody or anything anymore.

    All I know is I really need to hear and see and know there are people like you out there.

    I am listening to this Break Away — Cross My Heart….. its destroying me.

    Fave bands, Manlifting Banner, No!se, Turning Point, Avail, YOT, Side By Side, TYF

    But I also dig mucho stuff Basement, Citizen etc.

    Really dig, riding bikes of any kind, skateboarding, writing, coding, etc. etc.

    I up here in New Jersey.

    I never do this ever ever ever, but I feel like I need to reach out sincerely to the grown up (Kids) because I am so Isolated. Maybe this is lame you got my email, and my blog. here R MY digits
    seven.thr33.dos-7s1xthree.eight8three3 hollah or text. SIncerely man. Reach out. Stay Posi, it is ever was crucial times. it is now.

    Fave band of All Time WARZONE

    Currently reading: The Silmarrilion.

    You blog made my day. Word to ground zero.

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